Equine Veterinary Services

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Preventative Health Care

EquidDoc offers equine veterinary services across central Massachusetts. Our equine veterinarian collaborates with you, the owner and trainer, to ensure that your horse is at peak performance and health. Preventative health evaluations provide early identification of abnormalities before they lead to health problems. These evaluations include vaccinations, targeted deworming, dentistry, and yearly wellness exams and bloodwork. Digital Coggins tests and health certificates make it more convenient for those who travel with your horses to access the required documents.

Lameness & Sports Medicine

EquidDoc, located in Worcester County, MA, appreciates that many horses are both companions and athletes. Lameness and decreased performance may result from a wide array of injuries or abnormalities of muscle, joint, bone, tendons or ligaments. A combination of a thorough physical exam, lameness exam (including joint flexions, diagnostic nerve blocks and joint blocks), digital x-rays, and ultrasound by our experienced equine veterinarians will be used to diagnose the cause of pain and poor performance. Using the latest in x-ray and ultrasound technologies, we are able to routinely consult with skilled surgeons and radiologists on complex cases. Our equine veterinary services will help you and your horse through all stages of diagnosis and recovery, including guidance on rehabilitation and return to exercise. As a team, we will work to have you and your horse at your best.

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Gastroscopy and Endoscopy

EquidDoc offers video gastroscopy and video endoscopy for equine patients with real time viewing available to exam observers (you!). Video gastroscopy involves passing a 3 meter long endoscope (tubular camera) into the stomach which allows visualization of all major parts of your horse’s stomach looking for gastric ulcers, and other abnormalities such as irritation, parasites, tumors, and feed impactions. A shorter endoscope (1.5 meter) is used for equine upper airway examinations including the larynx, pharynx and guttural pouches, as well as bladder evaluations, and more. For more information

Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

At EquidDoc, an equine vet has the latest in digital radiography and ultrasound equipment. Digital radiography uses x-rays to instantly visualize bone. This is helpful for assessing fractures, evidence of laminitis, arthritis, and bone spurs on the farm. EquidDoc at Worcester County, MA, also offers podiatry x-rays to assist your farrier with trimming and shoeing, and we can directly email your farrier the x-ray images. Digital ultrasound is most appropriate for visualizing soft tissue, including tendons and ligaments to assess areas of inflammation, sprains, or strains. Chests and abdomens may be scanned with ultrasound to evaluate heart, lungs, abdominal organs, and fetal assessment in pregnant mares. In foals, umbilical abnormalities and lungs may also be evaluated using ultrasound.

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Pro-Stride and PRP

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative therapies are used in the treatment of joint disease and soft tissue injuries. At EquidDoc, we are happy to offer Pro-Stride® APS (autologous protein solution) and Restigen™ PRP (platelet rich plasma) which have been used with impressive success in helping horses’ tendons, ligaments, and joints recover from injury and degenerative processes such as osteoarthritis (OA). Both Pro-Stride and PRP are harvested from your horse’s blood and processed to extract specific blood components. The processing procedure typically takes about 20-30 minutes and is conveniently performed on-farm. These blood components are concentrated into a small volume containing many natural anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines and growth factors) that can be injected into joints or soft tissues to help fight inflammation and repair tissue or joints. For more info, read our blog post on Pro-Stride and PRP.

Dentistry & Oral Examination

Regular oral examinations are essential to promoting good dental health. Oral examinations identify enamel points and hooks that need to be reduced or “floated”, as well as dental problems such as tooth fractures and infections needing further attention. As horses age, maintaining dental health is essential in their ability to properly digest food and maintain appropriate weight. EquidDoc offers sedation dentistry allowing the horse to be relaxed during the exam and enabling a detailed and thorough examination.

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Mare Reproductive Services

At EquidDoc, located in Worcester County, MA, we are here for you every step of the way from breeding to foal care. We offer breeding soundness examinations, cycle monitoring and manipulation, and ultrasound pregnancy monitoring. We are experienced in both fresh and frozen artificial insemination and encourage early and consistent communication between the breeder, stud farm, and At EquidDoc, team to maximize breeding success. EquidDoc, an equine vet recommends newborn foal examinations and stall side IgG measurement to ensure your foal gets the best start in life. EquidDoc enjoys nurturing a healthy pregnant mare that gives birth to a healthy, lively foal.

Prepurchase Examination

The purchase of your next prospect, athlete, and companion is a big decision. At EquidDoc, an equine vet recommends a thorough Prepurchase examination to help you make an educated decision about a purchase. While a Prepurchase examination cannot predict or guarantee a horse’s future, it does provide you with knowledge of pre-existing problems or medical conditions helping you plan for medical and performance needs. A standard Prepurchase examination includes a complete physical examination which includes assessment of the heart, lungs, skin, mouth, limbs, and feet, a comprehensive ophthalmic examination, conformation assessment, a moving examination in hand and under saddle, and after flexions. Additional recommended testing includes comprehensive blood work, screening radiographs (x-rays), upper airway endoscopy, and reproductive examination if required.

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Geriatric Examination

At EquidDoc, an equine veterinarian understands the special needs of our geriatric patients and provides individualized care to keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible. EquidDoc, located in central Mass, MA provides annual comprehensive nutrition evaluations and dental care tailored to maintaining a comfortable and functional mouth. We offer routine testing for Equine Metabolic Disease and Equine Cushing’s Disease (Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID)) and will work with you and your horse care team to create the most comfortable environment.

Internal Medicine Diagnosis & Treatment

At EquidDoc, located in Worcester County, MA, we have the expertise and tools to address more complex medical cases on the farm. We perform specialty bloodwork, thoracic ultrasound, and abdominal ultrasound. We routinely consult with renowned internal medical specialists on complex cases and have excellent working relationships with all local hospitals should your horse require hospitalization. If hospitalized, we work with the specialists in charge of your horse to provide seamless transition from hospital management to support and aftercare required back home on the farm.

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Health certificates

Health Certificates

Health certificates are a necessity when traveling across state lines and required by many showgrounds and fairgrounds. This practice also protects your horse and the rest of the barn from unknowingly transmitting disease. Most health certificates are good for 30 days after examination for travel. At EquidDoc, located in central MA, we can provide health certificates.
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Microchips & Chip Insertion

Microchips are a permanent form of identification. Microchips contain a unique number sequence that is far more accurate than pictures, drawings, or tattoos alone. Microchips are now required for many show and breed organizations. At EquidDoc, located in Massachusetts, microchip insertion is a minimally invasive procedure and the grain-of-rice sized microchip is inserted into the neck below the mane.

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Laboratory Diagnostics

At EquidDoc, located in Worcester County, MA, we work with a variety of laboratories to provide you with the most accurate information in the timeliest manner. From basic health care screening to infectious disease testing, to metabolic disease testing, we use the laboratory that provides you the best and most timely results.

Parasite Management

Parasite management involves a comprehensive approach to targeted deworming by determining fecal egg counts and practicing pasture management. At EquidDoc, an equine veterinarian recommends twice yearly fecal egg counts (early fall and early spring) to determine if your horse needs to be dewormed. EquidDoc, located in Worcester County, MA, will recommend the most appropriate dewormer based on the parasites detected. Additionally, because gastrointestinal parasites have developed (and are continuing to build) resistance to deworming drugs, horse owners should utilize other options for parasite control—for example, pasture management For more information

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