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Core Vaccines vs. Risk-Based Vaccines

Vaccination is important to prevent life-threatening and serious illness in all animals. Vaccines induce an immune response, or the production of antibodies, that allows an animal to fight off a virus or bacteria when they are exposed to it again. Current, vaccine protocols for adult horses, foals, and pregnant mares are well-established, safe, and effective.

What are core vaccines?
Core vaccines protect against diseases that all horses are susceptible to, regardless of lifestyle or environment and include Rabies, Tetanus, and mosquito-borne diseases (EEE, WEE, & West Nile Virus). 

What are risk-based vaccines?
Risk-based vaccines, such as Flu-Rhino & Strangles, protect against diseases horses may only be exposed to in certain environments or when engaging in certain activities like traveling, showing, breeding, etc.

What vaccines should my horse get?
Part of deciding which vaccines your horse needs is understanding his/her potential exposure and the requirements of where you are headed. Below is a helpful vaccine guide to help current and new horse owners protect their animals.

Core Vaccines


Risk-Based Vaccines



As spring approaches, call EquidDoc Veterinary Services (508-885-4205) or email office@equiddocvet.com to schedule your spring vaccine appointment and discuss additional risk-based vaccines that should be considered for your horse!