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is the premiere ambulatory veterinary practice treating horses, goats, alpacas, sheep and llamas throughout Worcester county, central Massachusetts and beyond. We provide you and your athlete or companion with comprehensive on-the-farm care for peak health and performance. Our

Vets in Worcester, MA

provides that care in a collaborative setting, providing you with options from which you select what best meets your animal’s unique needs. We are enthusiastic about education and make each visit informative so you fully understand your animal’s condition.
headshot - Caitlin Eaton

Dr. Caitlin Eaton – Owner

Dr. Caitlin Eaton founded EquidDoc Veterinary Services in 2017 with the goal of providing innovative, professional and compassionate care to horses and small ruminants and their owners throughout central Massachusetts, metro-west and beyond. Dr. Caitlin earned her B.S. in Biochemistry from Bates College and her DVM from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts. She completed advanced training in large animal internal medicine and emergency care, and equine sports medicine.

Prior to starting EquidDoc, Dr. Caitlin worked in the central Massachusetts area for nearly 10 years providing preventative medicine, 24-hour emergency medicine, dentistry, sports medicine, mare reproductive services, and pre-purchase examinations. Dr. Caitlin’s professional interests include equine sports medicine and lameness, diagnostic imaging, and equine dentistry. Dr. Caitlin is Fear Free certified for equine veterinary professionals.

When not working, Dr. Caitlin enjoys hiking with her husband and business partner, and their dogs Lilly and Lincoln.

Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Forbes – Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Liz Forbes earned her B.S. from the University of Connecticut and her DVM from Oklahoma State University. She completed a one-year internship at the Vermont Large Animal Clinic – Equine Hospital where she received additional training in emergency ambulatory services and management of surgical and medical cases.

Following her internship, she joined a prominent mixed-animal practice in New Hampshire where she expanded equine preventative medicine services anddentistry, provided emergency services for large animals, and herd health consultation for small ruminants.

Her professional interests include equine emergency medicine, gastrointestinal disease, and podiatry, and a love for small ruminants, especially herd health and parasitology in goats.

When not working, Dr. Liz enjoys hiking and running with her dog Havana, spending time with friends and family, and experiencing the adventures New England has to offer.

headshot - Liz Forbes
Dr. Lanie Florke

Dr. Lanie Florke – Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Lanie Florke earned her B.S. from the University of South Dakota and her DVM from Iowa State University.  Following graduation she completed a one year equine internship at Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic in Minnesota, where she received training in equine emergency medicine, surgery, internal medicine, sports medicine, and reproduction.

After completing her internship, she joined an equine mixed practice focusing on preventative care, dentistry, medicine/surgery, emergency medicine, equine lameness, and equine reproduction.

Her professional interests include equine emergency medicine, internal medicine, neonatology, and reproduction. Dr. Lanie is Fear Free certified for equine veterinary professionals.

When not working, Dr. Lanie enjoys riding horses, spending time with her cat Arwen, and spending time with friends.

Renee Gregoire, CVT – Office Manager

Renee attended classes at Becker college and holds her CVT with the state of Massachusetts. Renee also holds a degree in art from the Worcester Art Museum.

Renee joined EquidDoc Veterinary Services, as Office Manager and CVT, after thirty years at Buck Hill Veterinary Service. Her artistry is displayed throughout EquidDoc literature and social media.

Renee’s professional interests include practice management, behavior modification, and injury rehabilitation. She is particularly interested in conditioning animals for the work they are required to do.

When not in the office, Renee volunteers on various committees in her town, writes and illustrates children’s books, and enjoys riding her mountain bike.

headshot - Renee Gregoire
headshot - Kerry Miner

Kerry Miner – Certified Veterinary Technician

Kerry earned her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Maine. She holds her CVT with the state of Massachusetts and is Fear Free certified for equine veterinary professionals. Prior to starting at EquidDoc in 2022, she spent over 20 years at a Biotechnology company caring for a large herd of dairy goats.

Kerry’s professional interests include all things caprine, especially reproduction and neonatal care. She looks forward to working with a team that supports the local community and their love of horses and small ruminants.

When not working, Kerry enjoys attending training classes and hiking with her dog Jedi, playing cribbage and beach vacations with her husband.

Emily Wise – Veterinary Assistant

Emily earned her B.S. in Biology from Worcester State University. While completing her degree, she worked the night shift at Tufts large animal hospital as a veterinary technician. She is Fear Free certified for equine veterinary professionals and is working towards her AAEVT certification.

Emily completed a summer internship in 2018 as an undergrad with EquidDoc Veterinary Service and is excited to return as a full-time employee. Emily’s professional interests include all things large animals, especially equine reproduction, and emergency medicine.

When not working, Emily enjoys showing her horse Vinny, hiking with her two dachshunds, and spending time with her family and friends.

headshot - Emily Wise
Maddie cropped

Maddie Clifford – Veterinary Assistant

Maddie received her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire. While she was working towards her degree, she worked in several barns and was able to obtain some leadership roles within a large equine operation of 70-80 horses. Maddie is working towards her Fear Free Certifications for equine veterinary professionals.

Maddie has a general passion for all things equine, but her professional interests include equine sports medicine, animal behavior, genetics, and reproductive health.

When not working, Maddie enjoys eventing around Area 1 with her two thoroughbreds, Willow and Diesel. She also enjoys hiking around New England’s mountains with her dog, Toby.