Ambulatory Veterinary Service
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Advantages of Having an Ambulatory Veterinary Team

Most people are accustomed to bringing their canine or feline companion to a veterinary clinic, but what do people do when their companion is a horse or an alpaca? Loading the trailer and heading to a hospital can be stressful and inefficient. EquidDoc can help you and your animal on the farm with routine and emergency cases.

  1. 24/7 Emergency Coverage – Emergencies can be stressful and moving the animal could cause more harm than good. EquidDoc has multiple veterinarians, which allows us to be available 24/7 for emergencies. If the emergency warrants hospitalization, your EquidDoc veterinarian can help expedite that process.
  2. Convenience – EquidDoc comes to you, so you do not have to leave the farm! We are equipped for routine vaccinations & blood tests, digital x-rays, ultrasound, upper airway scope, equine dentistry, castrations, herd health, breeding and much more!
  3. One on One Communication – When EquidDoc comes to your farm, we are there for The veterinarian is happy to discuss any questions or concerns. When decisions are tough, the veterinarian is there to explain each option thoroughly. EquidDoc veterinarians are available by phone or email for follow-up questions.
  4. Education – EquidDoc encourages education, whether it is your first time owning a horse, or you are simply interested in learning more! EquidDoc not only offers education while on the farm but also offers yearly client education nights, educational blogs through our website, and newsletters sent out via email.
  5. Cost Effective – Hospitals can be expensive due to the unique challenges it takes to run them. EquidDoc, as an ambulatory service, keeps cost reasonable and affordable for our clients.

Call us at 508-885-4205, or email us at to schedule a visit with one of our compassionate veterinarians. We are accepting new clients and would love to meet your beloved companion!


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